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April 9, 2005

A Blog From Work

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Blogging has become such a hit, posting an entry alone isn’t enough–where you write the entry matters. When you’ve got people blogging events like SXSW in realtime and GM boss Bob Lutz blogging from his Blackberry, you need something else to stand out.

I’m writing this entry from work. I’m sure lots of people do this. But I doubt that they do it at a register job. I’m jotting my thoughts between making lattes and serving yuppies. Unlike other work bloggers, I work standing up. Thank my iPAQ and its integrated Wi-Fi.

Oh, things are really beginning to converge. The online world and the real world are becoming less and less separate. You used to have to sit bug-eyed, pasty-faced, and all alone in front of a desktop computer. Now, we’re communicating online while interacting in the real world.

In my case, blogging from my pocket PC while serving customers is a little like hanging out in the Matrix. The online world overlays the real world in that manner. Except, all it takes to jack in is a computer and a wireless access point.

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