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June 25, 2005

2 oz

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I happened across this complaint at,

I just got back from the Starbucks at the Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I ordered a grande cappuccino with a shot of vanilla.

For my $3.45 I got a 16 oz cup with 7oz of coffee and 8 spoons of foam. Talk about expensive coffee.

Just how much coffee should you get when you order a grande? It would seem to me that you should get something close to 16 oz.

I will not be going to Starbucks again.

This is a complaint we get at Starbucks quite frequently.

First, I should note the common misconception that a beverage such as a latte or a cappuccino is just “coffee”. The espresso contained in your average coffee beverage is typically only 1-2 oz. In this person’s case, it’s 2 oz., or only 1/8 of the composition of the beverage. Whether or not the coffee itself is expensive is irrelevant because the espresso might account for literally pennies. The cost of the milk in the beverage is considerably more than the coffee. That’s why you can go to a cafeteria Cubana here in Miami and get about 2 oz. of espresso for somewhere around $.75. Because 2 oz. of espresso costs pennies.

Now, we’ve started with a 16 oz. beverage. Subtract the 2 oz. of espresso, and we’re at 14 oz. Take away the serving of vanilla syrup, and we’re left to account for 13 oz. This 13 oz. is foamed milk, poured such that once settled, it should be about half milk and half foam. This means the 7 oz. of milk and 6 oz. of foam in this example sound about right.

To answer this misguided consumer’s question, 2 oz. A 16 oz. cappuccino from Starbucks contains 2 oz. of espresso.

A final note: A cappuccino made in the authentic Italian style, e.g. a purist’s cappuccino, is only about 1.5 oz of espresso, with roughly the same amount of foamed milk, e.g. small enough to be served in a demitasse. The modern rule of thumb, however, is 1/3 espresso, 2/3 foamed milk.

June 6, 2005


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I just thought you’d like to know, I’ve added a word to the dictionary.

The word is asky.

It started when my librarian friend told me about this wierdo stalker she’s got. She described his over-inquisitiveness as being asky, and that, yes, asky was a word. Unfortunately, no dictionary on Earth seemed to agree, so I set out to make true her statement by adding this word to a dictionary, thereby briniging it formally into existence.

Thank you, Urban Dictionary for making my dreams come true. Louise and I are now the proud parents of a new four-letter word, asky.

Now, asky has a formal definition in an informal dictionary. Perhaps one day this word will find its way into the vernacular, and even into bona-fide dictionaries. Dictionaries in libraries across the planet. And one day, years from now, a young child will see, hidden between sophomoric graffiti tags and crude depictions of genitalia, the word that might just change his life: asky. He will see that word, and think to himself, “I want to be asky”. That child might come to ask too many questions, and they just might be the right questions. That child just might change the world. That child is our future.

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