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August 11, 2005

Planet X

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For those of you living under rocks, astronomers have discovered a tenth planet, way farther out than Pluto, and now it's time to start thinking up a name!

New Scientist just published a list of some of their favorite proposed names, some serious, some humerous. I think it would be logical to continue the Greek Mythology scheme used on most of the other planets in our solar system, but then again, being the tenth planet and all, something pertaining to the number 10 could also be in order.

First off, Persephone makes a lot of sense, since in Greek Mythology Persephone was kidnapped by Pluto, and, well, this planet is way out by Pluto. In fact, in Douglas Adams' book Mostly Harmless, the tenth planet is in fact called Persephone, and nicknamed Rupert. Scientists being the sci-fi geeks that they are, this makes Persephone that much more an attractive name–we could immediately begin calling the planet Rupert.

Out of the New Scientist list, Nibiru, a name Babylonians gave to some planet or other at the time, sounds especially cool, like something straight out of sci-fi. But, banking on the number ten thing, who could resist calling this new planet Planet X? How much more campy b-movie sci-fi can we possibly get than Planet X? Dekatos, Decimus, Deca, forget that. Planet X is definitely my name of choice.

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