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August 14, 2005

An Unfortunate Letter to Mr. Brian Limes

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Dear Mr. Limes,

I regret to inform you that the offices of GodJesus Ministries International, Inc. have suffered great financial burdens in light of recent events, and that we here at GodJesus Ministries International, Inc. as such have been forced to cut our costs, as our operating budget for fiscal year 2006 has been reduced substantially.

As you know, the employees of GodJesus Ministries International, Inc. have always taken great sacrifices in spreading the ministry of the GodJesus, and unfortunately, it has fallen upon you to bare the burden of such sacrifices.

Because of our current financial position, I regret to inform you that, effective Monday, 15 Aug., 2005, you have been demoted from your previous position of Assistant Head GodJesus Intern to the position of Junior Assistant Head GodJesus Intern. As a result of this change in employment, your present salary of $250,000.00 per year will be reduced to $2.50 per year. I appologise in advance for any inconvenience this may result in, and/or any lifestyle adjustments you may have to make as a result of this sudden change in financial status.

I trust that you understand and accept wholeheartedly the sacrifice you will be making for the GodJesus Ministries International Inc. family, and that you will continue to support the GodJesus Youth Foundation with your monthly donation stipend of $500.00.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert G. Ingersoll
Assistant Head GodJesus Intern
GodJesus Ministries International, Inc.

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