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November 29, 2005

Drugs… A Thing of the Past?

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I came away from reading Chicago economist Steven D. Levitt's recent book, Freakonomics, with a Republican-esque disdain for the (illegal) drug industry. The crack boom helped knock blacks a few decades backward in catching up to white America's socioeconomic status, fuel a crime wave that lasted until the early 1990s, and basically fuck us up humanity in ways we'll probably never fully understand. But, now I'm starting to think that just as the "crime wave" peak of the 80s was followed by a just-as-large trough, we could be seeing the waning popularity of drugs in the coming years. (more…)

November 26, 2005

Penny Arcade on Xbox 360…

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As my comrade David brought to my attention, a few recent Penny Arcade comics have done perfectly accurate job telling the experiences of many Xbox Fanboys over the past week while attempting to procure a copy of the elusive Xbox 360 gaming console. I couldn't have said it better myself, so I'll just post the comics. (more…)

November 21, 2005

Christmas Lights Gone Wild

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Ready to get into the holiday spirit, and whatnot, yadda yadda?

Well, prepare to bow before these folks, because they have constructed the most unbe-fucking-lievable Christmas light setup on the planet.

Via Engadget

Direct Link (Right Click Save As)

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November 11, 2005

The Tidy Table

Filed under: humor — Alfonso Surroca @ 1:27 am

Alright, this is hillarious. Click the link and watch the video and prepare to laugh. God, this would be the perfect office prank!

Katazukue – the tidy table

The page sums it up quite nicely. No, actually, this quote sums it up perfectly:

"Katazukue is a table which ensures it is always clear. The table has a powerful pair of integrated conveyor belts which periodically move anything on the table onto the floor."

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November 2, 2005

Hitting the Campaign Trail (Again)

Filed under: news — Alfonso Surroca @ 1:02 am

Let's recap. The Miers nomination finally fizzled out, Libby was indicted, and the rest of the White House clan (Rove, Cheney, Card) is still in danger. For the first time in five years, the Bush Administration hasn't gotten away with their antics. I said it before the 2004 election, reaffirmed it afterward, and I'll point it out once more: The Republicans asked for "four more years" and now they've got them. (more…)

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