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November 2, 2005

Hitting the Campaign Trail (Again)

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Let's recap. The Miers nomination finally fizzled out, Libby was indicted, and the rest of the White House clan (Rove, Cheney, Card) is still in danger. For the first time in five years, the Bush Administration hasn't gotten away with their antics. I said it before the 2004 election, reaffirmed it afterward, and I'll point it out once more: The Republicans asked for "four more years" and now they've got them.

Second-terms always unearth unpleasant issues, and the Bush White House has shown that it doesn't like dealing with them, so why George W Bush even bothered running for a sure-to-be-unpleasant second-term is beyond me.

Time Magazine has a knack for hitting issues when they're already over and getting things a little backward, so when I read this Oct. 31 article summing up the fallout from the Palme scandal, and attempting to put a positive light, pointing out that the Bush Administration is going to focus on a "reset" and sell itself to the American public all over again beginning in January. However (and in their credit, the article did mention this) the croneys the administration usually depends on to help spread the spin have found themselves embroiled in their own scandals. Cheney and Rove are still not out of the woods, as the Palme investigation continues, and outside the White House, Tom DeLay and Bill Frist have to worry about keeping their jobs and not being sent to jail, so I'm not sure how much help the Bush Administration can expect in their 2006 re-campaigning effort.

I think it's coming to an end, and that Bush will find himself a bit of a lame duck for the rest of the term. I think that the public-relations geniuses behidn the Bush Administration (primarily, Rove) are spent, and that trying to castthe administration in a positive light as the approval ratings continue to sink, the death toll in Iraq continue to rise, and more scandals become public is going to be an increasingly uphill battle.

So, it looks like George W Bush and friends are going to hit the campaign trail again in 2006. This time, there will be no Democratic contenders to launch mud-slinging campaigns upon, and even Republicans who happily voted for Bush in 2004 are beginning to have second thoughts.

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