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March 17, 2008

BigDog is Obviously Combine Technology

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You might have seen videos of Boston Dynamics’ creepy robot pack mule, BigDog, about this time last year. They recently put up a new video of the latest version of their robot, shown here:

Creeped out yet? That’s probably because BigDog is right in the middle of some animal version of the “uncanny valley“. In other words, it looks like it’s alive, and that’s scary as fuck. Now, about the Combine. For the three people out there who have never played the Half-Life series, they’re essentially space aliens that enslave every species they come into contact with and create half living/half machine “synths” out of them. These synths just happen to look exactly like BigDog.

Case in point: A Hunter from Half-Life 2: Episode 2:
Hunter from Half-Life 2 Episode 2

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