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April 3, 2008

To the Fives: WP2.5 and FF3b5

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I just finished upgrading my WordPress install to version 2.5, and it’s as fresh as the name of its new theme (hint: It’s called “Fresh”). Everything about it feels right. Installing or upgrading WordPress used to be something like getting Ubuntu to play nice with Broadcom Wi-Fi cards on a laptop (read: pain in the ass). Not today. No, today, upgrading from WP 2.1 to 2.5 consisted of me:

  • Exporting all of my posts
  • Copying over my plug-in and upload folders
  • Replacing the WordPress directory with the new ones I downloaded
  • Running the included upgrade.php script

Easy as pie for nerds.

As I’m writing this, Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 is using 40,864 KB of RAM, and it’s so speedy and responsive, I’m inclined to get teary-eyed. During the increasingly frustrating reign of Firefox 2.x, pressing the key combo of CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and killing firefox.exe was such a daily occurrence that I was practically pressing these keys from muscle memory every time Firefox started sucking down my computer’s resources. Understandably, I’m fond of keeping at least ten tabs open at once, but, honestly, using more RAM than Photoshop in the middle of rendering? C’mon!

In a nut-shell, Firefox 3 runs like the original Firefox, and reminds me why Firefox captured the hearts of millions. I suspect by the time Firefox 3 leaves beta, I may have (almost) forgotten the bloated pile of shit that was Firefox 2. Oh, and the fact that Firefox finally uses Windows Vista’s native interface is nice too.

While I’m not too keen on the new buttons in Firefox 3, I’m damned stoked on the new look for WordPress’ back-end. As much as I love WordPress, the back-end was looking pretty dated recently. The new “Fresh” theme is clean, well-designed, and attractive. And just looking at it makes me want to get blogging. Which is exactly what it should make me want to do.

To all the people behind WordPress 2.5 and Firefox 3.0, thank you! You’re kicking major ass.

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