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Status Message Chain

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Obviously we know by now that the internet has changed the way we communicate. Well, those of us who understand that evolution and man-made global warming are real, at any rate. So, a few friends and myself started a sort of status message chain with our AIM status messages about a certain inside catch-phrase “womp womp”. Enjoy.

Nick: womp womp

David: I refuse to womp womp. Not only is it not in my right to do so, it annoys me.

Lisa: David, my response to your away msg sir is a big “womp womp”. It’s appropriate and agitating, perfect.

Aileen: Only people allowed to say “womp womp”: Lisa, Kate, Fonz, Michelle. They don’t absuse it. Thanks, bahahahaha.

Me: I’m exercising my right to say “womp womp”.

Kate: You gotta fight for your right to wooooooomp!

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Red Bull Cola

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Red Bull Cola, originally uploaded by ASurroca.

Got to try out the semi-new and semi-rare cola from Red Bull just now.
Apparently the only place selling it in the US at the moment is Las Vegas.

It is natural, the ingredients are all plain to see, and you can actually
taste all ther little nuances, like a citrus tinge and mint aftertaste.
Pretty darned good cola.

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A Letter to Senator John McCain

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Dear Senator McCain,

This is a message of support from a Democrat who voted for Barack Obama.

We have all been through a long and difficult election cycle wherein the two candidates who started out as the underdogs of their respective parties ended up winning their primaries. That election is now over, which means that now, it’s time to get the real work done.

That you, Senator, have vowed to help President-elect Obama shows that you really do embody your campaign slogan of putting country first. In fact, whatever the differences on policy issues, it is clear that both of you have the same ability and desire to work across party lines, and that both of you have the same commitment to and love for this country.

This coming January, when Barack Obama takes his seat at the Oval Office, he will lead us and he will inspire us, but we will have to do the work. And while I don’t doubt that there will be politicians who try to hold on to the divisive partisanship that has plagued Washington, I know that you will not, because you are not a just Republican, Senator McCain, you are an American.

You could of course ride out your Senate career and retire and live a comfortable life, and God knows, you have earned it. Instead, I ask that you keep fighting, because we live in especially difficult times, and we need all the forces of good in Washington that we can get. And you, Senator, are a force of good.

This has been a long and difficult campaign, but the real work lies ahead.

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