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Day Forty Eight | Stuffed

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Allergies have got me down lately; fortunately, I’ve just been stuffed up, not sick. Still, it’s annoying.

I’m on an HDR kick lately… well, I’m practicing. I think, so far, I’m not getting the best out of HDR processing, but hey, I just started.

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Day Forty Seven | Park

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Life lesson: It’s a bad idea to wait until your vehicle’s fuel tank is nearly empty to fill it up every single fill-up for almost eight years. Apparently, doing that leads to junk in your fuel system. I had no idea.

Long story short, I had to get that fuel system cleaned out today, because all that junk, after almost eight years, had piled up enough to clog my car’s innards, and that meant a car that didn’t start, a tow truck ride to the mechanic, a dash of embarrassment, and less money to my name.

So, I drove around aimlessly tonight, and ended up in this empty park.

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Day Forty Six | Backyard

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Working all day and then realizing you haven’t shot a photograph until darkness has fallen would suck without a tripod and HDR processing. Believe me, when I looked through the viewfinder, I did not see an image so sharp, so bright, so vibrant. What I saw was more of a dark, middled mess.

There’s something profound to be said about photo processing which actually improves upon reality… but I’ll just say that it’s pretty sweet. Also, I really need to spend more quality time in my backyard. I used to sit there and paint, or read… and I shall do that again.

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Album Cover Chain

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I have just encountered the only chain-anything I’ve ever encountered that seemed remotely interesting. In it, you grab the first random Wikipedia article you get, the last four or five words of the last quote on the page of random quotes, and the third image you get on Flickr’s Explore. Those are, respectively, your band name, album title, and album cover.

And this was mine.

Oh, Wally Clune, we hardly knew ye!


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Day Forty Five | Slow Down

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

This could have been a stereotypical shot from Miami Beach, were it not for the storm clouds and lack of a beach. Oh, and Miami buses are usually rather drab in comparison to the Lynx buses seen in and around Orlando.

One of the Miami traits I brought with me when I moved up to Orlando was the flair for driving—that’s a euphemism for driving like an asshole—but lately I’ve been trying to take things slowly, in driving and in general.

So, when stuck behind this bus, I didn’t take the first opportunity to get on the left lane and haul ass past it. I took the opportunity to frame and capture this shot instead. Living life in the slow lane definitely has its merits.

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Day Forty Four | Credit

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Things are moving again. I started withdrawing from my one big-name bank account and depositing into the local credit union account I recently opened. I just cannot in good conscience keep lending my money out almost interest-free to one of the mega-banks that got us into this financial meltdown.

I shot this photo on the way back from my credit union. So far, it’s been a pleasure doing business with them. I’m very pleased with my decision.


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Day Forty Three | Building

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

I have passed over this stretch of train tracks literally hundreds of times over the past couple of years, and meant to take a picture of what’s seen here every one of those times. Somehow, I’m pretty sure that I would not have been as satisfied with the result had I not waited until I had a proper camera in hand as I do now.

It used to be that when I got back from school, I had to rush to get back to work, and complete a frenetic afternoon of deadlines and mission critical work. And all for what? So that management could keep running the whole mess into the ground. Now, I’m taking it easy. I drive leisurely back out west, ensuring that I have ample opportunity to shoot photos.

And then I have lunch, and sit back over a cup of coffee or tea. And then I sit on the couch or at the table or at a cafe and get to work. At a decent pace, calm, but focused. Work gets done, and projects really matter, and what I do isn’t squandered by those to whom I deliver my work.

We are building something here. And I feel good about it.

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Day Forty Two | Afternoon on the Lake

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Lake Eola looks quite different these days since the last time I shot any photographs there. That was over a decade ago, and most of the high-rises seen here weren’t yet part of the skyline.

I spent this afternoon there; there was some kind of arts festival. I’m not big on arts festivals. They’re the intersection between hippies with nothing better to do and yuppies with money to burn. Still, the whole point was to get out, and get out I did. A lot of walking, and a lot of sun. Great way to spend a Sunday for a change.


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Day Forty One | Setup

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Today, I got my first check from the new job. It’s been a solid month since my previous employer went kaput, and it took a while to really get back into a set work schedule, but I’ve finally got the check, the item that finally reminds me that, yes, I’ve really got a new job.

So, I took it easy this evening and set up my old desktop computer as a media box. Plugged that sucker directly to my HDTV, installed Miro on there, subscribed to my favorite television shows via torrent RSS feeds, and I was ready to go.

Now, to get the mess of computer peripherals and wires out of the way, clean up the cables, and get my living room back into its pristine self.

Day Forty | Working

Friday, February 20th, 2009

After a week full of days ranging from fantasic to awful (in that order) I found myself in a better position: I had things mostly figured out, and I got some work done. Friday, it was a good day.

I opened up a new account at a local credit union—I’m tired of doing business with the same mega-corporations that put us all in this financial mess by being dicks. That was satisfying. And since then, I’ve been sitting at Starbucks working. I had to shoot and upload a photo from my G1 because my camera wasn’t on hand. Egad!

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