Written on February 13, 2007 at 9:57 pm, by Alfonso Surroca

The Author

Alfonso Surroca was born at great cost to the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Hollywood, CA on the 6th of April, 1981.

From there, he did a bunch of inconsequential stuff such as “growing up”. He focused his formative years on geeky endeavors such as reading, artwork, web design, and playing video games.

Today, Alfonso lives in sunny suburban north Orlando, FL, and spends much of his time shooting photos, blogging, and going to school.

The Content

Here’s a sample of what sort of content you can expect to find here:

The Design

I’m an artist by talent and a designer by trade, and I spend too much time doing web design and development by day, so by the time I find a moment to myself, the last thing I want is to be represented by a loud, complex, in your face design. Black and white and red are universal, timeless, striking, and simple.

The Tools

Many of my webdev peers will surely have a hissy-fit over this item, but I develop everything on one of several laptops running Windows Vista. No, it’s not because I haven’t experienced the utter brilliance of Mac products. I use shiny new Macs every day at my college. They run slow, they crash, they have problems, just like any other PC. Oops, did I just call a Mac a PC? Sure, because that’s what they are. PCs.

So, what does this terrible asshole that hates Apple use for coding? Even PHP/SQL stuff? Usually Notepad2, or Aptana Studio for a large project. What do I shoot photos with ? A Samsung Digimax S700 that I got on Black Friday a few years back. Anything else? Well, I use pen and paper an awful lot for a nerd born in the Eighties.