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April 15, 2005

The Who?

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Did you know that all three CSI shows use music from The Who as their theme songs? A friend of mine recently alerted me to this obvious little bit of information. I listened to each theme song in my head for a moment, and realized it was indeed true.

Apparently, somebody involved in the production of the CSI franchise has a soft spot for The Who. Perhaps Jerry Bruckheimer is a big fan? I did a quick search on the connection between CSI And The Who, and apparently I’m not the only one (obviously) who’s noticed this. I even came across an old article sneering at the team behind the CSI franchise for apparently making CSI: Miami a carbon copy of the original, right down to using a track from The Who for a theme song.

I should also inform you that I can’t stop singing “who are you, who, who, who who” in my head, though I think “Baba O’Reilly’ is the best song of the trio. Thanks Mr. Bruckheimer and company, for getting these three songs stuck in my head, I think.

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