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April 6, 2008

A Bush and his iPod

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So, I happened across an clip from a George W Bush interview wherein he talks about the music he has on his iPod. Presumably, he has an iPod Shuffle as well, but that was not the model shown in the clip. At any rate, the bit toward the end was classic. Were it Jerry speaking with George instead of Brit Hume speaking with President Bush, this could have been a segment from Seinfeld (also, if the show were still on in the post-Walkman era):

Bush: All of these… I put it on shuffle. Dwight Yoakam… I’ve got the Shuffle, the, what is it called? The little…

Hume: Shuffle.

Bush: It looks like…

Hume: The Shuffle. That is the name of one of the models…

Bush: Yes, the Shuffle.

Hume: …called the Shuffle.

Bush: Lightweight, and crank it on, and you shuffle the Shuffle.

That’s some snappy sitcom dialog! Right up there with “spare a square”. Here’s the clip. Enjoy.

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