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May 23, 2008

Job Listing Poem

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It seems you can’t hit Craigslist for even a few moments without coming across something hilarious. Today, I was browsing the local job boards for freelance graphic design or web development work, and I come across this post:

model wanted artistic photography

Model wanted: prefer nubile fresh petite
and willing. Artistic photographer
compiling book on petite models
adding to portfolio. Serious
inquiries only. Nudity included.
Art students welcome.

Really? What is this, a job listing or some kind of creepy poem?

September 21, 2006

Fun With Job Scams:

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I’ve been in an employment dry spell lately, and decided to take the plunge and post my resume at HotJobs and CarreerBuilder (via Yahoo! and MSN respectively). It wasn’t long before I got results. And naturally, they were in the form of a scam.


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